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Activities and Recreation

Museums and Heritage Learning - STEAM - Museum of the GWR

What do we offer?

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We provide a broad programme of high quality learning outside the classroom experiences, events and facilities for schools locally, regionally and nationally. The programme enhances and enriches pupils’ learning, inspiration and motivation in areas linked to the National Curriculum e.g. the Home Front during World War Two, Victorian Britain, significant and famous people e.g. inventors and scientists, Brunel and the Stephensons, the local history of Swindon, the development of the railways, life in the past and changes relating to transport, seaside holidays, toys, childhood and homes. Full details of the Programme are on the website.

Why choose us?

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There is extremely high demand regionally for our service and 93% of our school visitors are repeat visitors. We have been awarded the “Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge”, a national benchmark that accredits providers of learning outside the classroom offering high quality educational experiences and managing risk effectively. Our team of Education Officers are all qualified teachers, experienced at all key stages with an outstanding track record of working with children.

We believe in cross-curricular learning and provide interactive and creative teaching and learning experiences e.g. immersive learning, historical reconstruction, storytelling using characters and costume, simulation, drama, role play and the handling, analysis and interpretation of original objects and other primary sources.  

Our primary focus is on the development of the following cross-curricular learning outcomes: 

  • learning and social skills e.g. descriptive, reflective, speculative and creative thinking, investigating, reasoning, problem solving, imagining, generating ideas, communicating, enquiring, speaking and questioning, listening and responding, working with others and taking turns

  • attitudes and values e.g. self-esteem, confidence, cultural understanding, tolerance, feelings, perceptions, empathy and motivation

  • enjoyment, inspiration and creativity e.g. having fun, being surprised, being inspired.

What is provided free? 

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This is a wholly traded service - there is no free element.

What is chargeable?

There is a charge for this service, for all schools and academies.  

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

The service is a one-off visit for part or all of a school day which is booked in advance directly with, and confirmed by the venue.

Contact Point

Learning Team: Swindon Heritage Education Team
Telephone:  01793 466640


Costs will vary depending on the experience booked and the number of children in the group. Please visit our website for current details and contact us to book. Payment must be made in advance or on the day of the visit.