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Activities and Recreation

Museums and Heritage Learning - Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

What do we offer?

We provide a programme of high quality learning outside the classroom to help your class explore our art and heritage collections. We offer a programme of workshops that will enhance pupils’ learning by inspiring them to explore the natural world, world history and their local community across the key areas of learning set out in the National Curriculum.

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Why choose us?

Swindon Museum & Art Gallery houses a collection of 20th century British art with a reputation as one of the finest outside London. The Gallery offers Swindon schools the chance to experience the work of nationally important artists right on their doorstep. Our team of Education Officers are all qualified teachers, experienced at all key stages with an outstanding track record of working with children.

We believe in cross-curricular learning and provide interactive and creative teaching and learning experiences e.g. drama and role play, the handling, analysis and interpretation of original objects and other primary sources.

In Art Gallery Discovery Sessions pupils investigate materials and processes, methods and approaches and visual and tactile elements. ‘Journeys through Landscape’ takes pupils on a multisensory journey around the gallery with a focus on texture, colour and abstract approaches. ‘War Artists’ provides an introduction to the work of British artists during WWII and explores composition and processes in Henry Moore’s drawings.

In Heritage Discovery sessions pupils engage with real museum artefacts and primary sources. In ‘Meet the Mummy’, pupils take on the role of archaeologists as they unravel the mystery of Hatemiu, our Ancient Egyptian child mummy, crack hieroglyphic puzzles, embalm our mummy doll and carry out a mini archaeological dig.

School feedback: ‘Very friendly and engaging staff brought out the best from our children’.


What is provided free?

This is a wholly traded service - there is no free element.

What is chargeable?

There is a charge for this service, for all schools and academies.

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

The service is a one-off visit for part or all of a school day which is booked in advance directly with the venue and confirmed by the venue.

Contact Point

Nicki Western, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery
Telephone: 01793 466560


Costs will vary depending on the experience booked and the number of children in the group. Please contact us for current details. Payment is required in advance or on the day of the visit.