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Children and Young People

Educational Psychology Service

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What do we offer?

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) supports child and young person (aged 0 to 25) development and learning. We can help you to improve the outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and disability.

We offer psychological consultation, assessment, advice, intervention and training to promote the inclusion and well-being of children and young people. We achieve change for children by working with the adults most concerned about them, as well as the children themselves. 

We are skilled in carrying out research to effect organisational change and delivering evidenced-based therapeutic interventions. We work within an integrated service which promotes a co-ordinated approach to meeting the needs of children and young people. The EPS offers a direct work with and consultancy work. 

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

All schools have been given an opportunity to train two members of staff to become ELSAs. This offer has been made available through joint funding from Swindon’s clinical commissioning group CCG, SBC’s Virtual School, and Public Health in collaboration with the SBC’s Educational Psychology Service. The free ELSA training involves 6 training days followed up by 4 group supervision sessions. This element of the training and support is free.

There is an expectation that schools will provide ongoing development support for their ELSA’s through in house school systems and through ongoing ELSA group supervision for which there is a cost.

The training will be provided from September 2018 through to July 2020, so please book on one of the courses as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out.

This offer is available to primary and secondary schools, main stream and special school settings. Bespoke training can be purchased to complement the ELSA training, if this is something you would be interested in exploring please let us know. 

You can access the ELSA training offer at  

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) supervision

A crucial part of ELSA is ensuring that all ELSAs are supervised by educational psychologists. The service is able to offer group supervision that will provide ELSAs with essential support, as well as opportunities to get new ideas and develop their skills. ELSA supervision is a required feature of being on the ELSA register. To understand more about clinical supervision please go to:

As part of the funded offer, Swindon Educational Psychology Service will provide the ELSAs with 4 group supervision sessions: after this there will be an annual charge for ELSA supervision; this will provide 2 hours of group supervision delivered once a term (6 times a year).

Each supervision group will include 8-10 ELSAs.

If an ELSA chooses to discontinue attending supervision meetings or is prevented by the school from doing so they will be assumed to be no longer functioning in an ELSA role and their name will be removed from the register of county approved ELSAs. They will no longer be eligible for places at further ELSA training events. 

Why choose us?   

The EPS is evaluated annually and is highly valued by Swindon Schools. Educational Psychologists (EPs) are psychology graduates and undertake post–graduate/doctoral training in Educational Psychology.

All EPs are registered with the Health and Care Professional Council and are entitled to register for Chartered Status with the British Psychological Society. EPs have in-depth knowledge of child development and special educational needs. EPs have specialist roles in a number of areas, for example:

  • Autistic Spectrum Condition

  • Early Years

  • Children in Care

  • Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Social, emotional and mental health needs

  • Attachment needs

  • Supporting young people aged 16 – 25 who have Special Educational Needs/Disability

The EPS keeps up to date with research and evidence based interventions and this informs our practice.

New for this year:

  • ELSA training and supervision

  • Professional supervision to key staff

  • Bespoke training packages.

Please contact us to talk about your specific needs. 

What is provided free?   

All schools will receive a statutory service. This includes requests from the Local Authority for a statutory assessment of a child or young person’s Special Educational and/or Disability (SEND) and on-going support to monitor the progress of those with of a statement.

What is chargeable?

Schools can purchase time for assessment, consultation, intervention, training and systemic organisational work including research.

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

This service will be delivered from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020.

Schools are requested to commit to purchasing a number of days to be delivered during the academic year.


Contact Point

Alexa Denham, Principal Educational Psychologist
Telephone:   01793 463075