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Children and Young People

Parent Support Advisor Service

What do we offer?

Parent Support Advisors, to deliver bespoke packages of intervention with parents to support them in developing their parenting skills.

Universal services are available for all families to access, however from time to time some families require additional support. Parents who have had poor experiences of being parented themselves, or who are finding the challenges of parenting overwhelming can feel isolated and unsupported. Parent Support Advisors offer nurturing, supportive and non-judgemental parenting interventions, promoting the importance of positive child parent attachment and of positive interactions for children’s learning and development, and role model appropriate and consistent boundaries and routines.

Parent Support advisors will work in the family home, for a number of weeks as agreed within the plan with a focus on addressing assessed needs, and improving the outcomes for children and young people.  They will act as an advocate for children and young people ensuring their voice is heard in school and home, in order that appropriate support can be available to meet their needs.

Why choose us?

The Parenting Hub offers a bespoke package of support to schools, delivered by Parent Support Advisors trained in a variety of evidence based parenting programs.
Parent Support Advisors will work direct with parents of nursery and school aged children to assess needs, and work to an agreed plan with those parents identified by the school. Parent support advisors will deliver interventions in the home and in the school, as well as be the lead professional for TAC/TAF meetings as appropriate.
Our parent support advisors receive regular supervision, ongoing training including safeguarding training, and they work within a multidisciplinary team of practitioners. They are experienced in working with challenges such as behaviours linked to Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), anxiety, trauma, inconsistent boundaries and routines.

What is provided free?

There are no free aspects to this service.

What is chargeable?

This service is fully chargeable.

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

The length of agreement can be for 1 year or 2 years, delivered from 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021/2022.

Contact point

Caroline Starling
Operational Manager Early Help
Telephone: 01793 465452

Kesze Saunders
Operational Manager Early Help
Telephone: 01793 465111