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Children and Young People

Speech and Language Therapy

What do we offer?

We offer training to help your school develop all children’s oral communication (understanding, vocabulary, use of spoken language and social communication), now a key requirement for Ofsted, as well as to help the progress of those with communication difficulties, disabled learners and those with SEN.

The support we offer includes Derbyshire Language Scheme, Elklan, Signalong and Word Aware training and we offer a range of ICAN Talk Boost courses:

ICAN Early Talk Boost:

This course is for teachers and or Teaching assistants and is aimed at children of 3 -4 years old (nursery and reception years) and is evidenced based.

The evaluation report showed that after intervention, children made statistically significant progress. On average they made 6 months progress after the nine week intervention. This is twice the amount of progress of children not having the intervention.

The intervention is delivered 3 times a week to a group of up to 8 children, over a 9 week period. This can be done by a teaching assistant and only one person per setting need attend, unlike Talk boost KS1, where a teacher and a teaching assistant attend together.

It is aimed at children: 

  • Who have difficulty listening /paying attention
  • Difficulty understanding language
  • Difficulty organising and using language
  • Immature sentences
  • Difficulty explaining and describing
  • Difficulty taking turns.

ICAN Talk Boost: 

This course is for Teacher and Teaching Assistant pairs to attend together and is aimed at children aged from 4-7 years old. Staff members will be equipped and trained to deliver a specific intervention in school for language delayed children who need a boost to help them catch up, which involves;

The Talk Boost programme is delivered over 10 weeks – the TA delivers 1 X 30 minute session per week for groups of 4 children, and the Teacher reinforces key themes within the classroom curriculum. The course provides a joint place for a Teacher and Teaching Assistant pair, including materials.

Please request a leaflet from the SLT service for more details before booking. 

Jean Gross, Communication Champion 2011: ‘Schools which “turn the dial” on language and communication are able to turn the dial on a number of key school improvement priorities, from raising attainment to narrowing the gap and improving behaviour’.


Why choose us?

Because we know your children, through providing your local core service, we can plan traded services with you to meet the precise needs of your school and pupils, including those pre-school children who will be joining your school in future years.

Swindon’s SLT service has skills in the full range of children’s communication difficulties, including specialists in complex communication disorders, and has the advantage of close links with other local services for children. Our stable workforce keeps abreast of new developments and evidence based practice through membership of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, external training and clinical supervision.

We get positive feedback from schools and academies across Swindon as shown below.

School Feedback: ‘I have really enjoyed working with a very professional and approachable team, always willing to help and support.’


What is provided free?

The service to mainstream pre-school and school aged children in your school’s catchment area which has been free in previous years, some of which we already deliver in the school setting through your link Speech and Language Therapist, remains free for 2019-20. This work focuses on support for children with SEN and specific communication support needs.

What is chargeable? 

All the SLT services support to Swindon special schools and SRP’s are chargeable and are subsidized by your NHS funding for children with a Swindon GP.

Training and supplementary services as described above are chargeable to all schools. This will be agreed through discussion with you, prior to your ordering.

Additional SLT services can be purchased to support your core mainstream SLT service but please contact us before ordering this service to ensure we can meet your specific needs. 

‘A brilliant course that was taught in a fun and relaxed way, using very good practice activities.’  

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

This service will be delivered between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021.

Please contact the service manager to discuss and agree the best option for your school before ordering. This will ensure we provide the most appropriate solution for your pupils.


Contact Point

Name: Mark Green, Integrated Service Manager 
Telephone:  01793 464061