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Waste and Envirocrime Education Programme

What do we offer?

“How can we all live well, without compromising the planet’s continuing ability to enable us all to live well?”

This question is the essence of all of the Envirocrime education programmes which are completely FREE and support various subjects, especially science, within the National Curriculum.

Primary aged children are offered a KS1/ KS2 one hour EnviroCrime workshops delivered to class size groups. The natural & human world is discussed. Various materials are identified, discussed sorted and grouped. The workshops draw attention to the positive and negative impacts humans have on the environment. Different ideas are supported or challenged, possible solutions discussed and positive messages reinforced.

One hour power point presentations are offered to secondary & sixth form pupils, targeting Y7 and Y13 respectively.  Delivered to tutor size groups within a classroom setting. Scientific explanation is given to some of the events happening currently in the environment. Relationships within the ecosystems are explored, including the accumulation of toxic materials, in particular, plastic. The behaviours of littering and fly tipping are discussed, challenged with evidence illustrating the negative consequences these have on our environment. Viewing the Earth as an environment with limited resources, the efficacy of recycling is featured, promoting the latter’s importance. Elements from PSHE and citizenship are also covered.

Our programmes follow a “heart, hands and mind” approach and thus, alongside the theoretical education, we also offer additional practical support to eco/school councils and the loan of resources for schools wishing to engage in school / community litter picking projects.

EnviroCrime is one of several agencies, delivering educational mini workshops to year 6 children at the annual annual Earth Summit and Junior Good Citizen Event.

We can also offer bespoke programmes upon request.

Why choose us?

All of the programmes are designed to tackle the very current environmental issues we are facing globally. Content within all programmes can be found within the national curriculum science syllabus. Feedback forms accompany sessions, aiming for quality assurance.  The content of the programmes are under continual assessment to ensure latest information & legislation.

Many children and young people express their concern over the plight of marine life due to large volumes of plastic entering the oceans. These programmes allow them an opportunity to raise and discuss these matter. Moreover, the information shared illustrates many do not link the fact that the main cause of the plastic in the ocean, comes from the behaviours of littering and fly tipping. Furthermore children and young people can explore how they can take ownership and help to make a difference. Empowered through knowledge, they are better equipped to make informed choices. Coupled with the theory, the programmes aim to offer practical opportunities.

The EnviroCrime education programmes are unique to Swindon schools, working alongside Envirocrime Enforcement Officers. We are kept abreast of changes in legislation through a Legal Consultancy.

What is provided free?

This is a FREE service to all Early Years settings, schools, academies and colleges.

What is chargeable?

There are no charges for this service. 

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

Programmes are delivered to classes to maximise engagement with children. Workshops can be planned around the school timetable, often slotting into PSHE/Good Citizen science based lessons and may be tailored to meet the needs of the educational establishment.

We welcome the opportunity to deliver these programmes to your schools so please contact us to discuss this further. 


Contact Point

Pam Jones, EnviroCrime - Education Lead 
Telephone:  07766 777676