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School Exclusion Reviews - Clerking Service

What do we offer?

The Review Clerks are able to provide a high quality clerking, advice and support service to manage the exclusion reviews and administer Exclusion Review Hearings. The service is independent and complies with the latest legislation and statutory guidance.

The Team will: 

  • provide a fully trained and experienced Panel Clerk who will operate in accordance with the latest Department for Education guidance on exclusion reviews, with access to advice from a Council Solicitor

  • perform clerking services in a skilful and competent manner 

  • provide access to a pool of trained independent review panel Chairs and members 

  • provide impartial independent advice on the process to the academy and appellants 

  • arrange review hearings at the Civic Offices within the statutory time limit

  • arrange for three trained panel members to attend to hear and determine the review 

  • issue the necessary notices and paperwork to the relevant people 

  • arrange for interpreting or signing as required (costs to be met separately) 

  • attend the hearing to provide advice to the panel, record the proceedings and panel decision and notify all parties of the decision in writing and by phone.

Why choose us?  

The Team has experience dealing with the Exclusion Reviews for community, voluntary controlled and voluntary aided schools. The same service can be provided to new and existing academy schools.

We are committed to delivering a high quality exclusion review service, within published timescales and in accordance with relevant legislation, guidance and the principles of natural justice.We are part of a national netw

ork of exclusion review clerks, enabling the sharing of best practice.

What is provided free?

This service is free to LA maintained schools.

What is chargeable?

There is a fee for this service to academy schools.

The fee includes: 

  • the clerk and solicitor’s fees for provision of the Exclusion Review service and advice as set out above 
  • training costs for clerks and panel members 
  • any travel expenses 
  • all stationary, printing and postage.

The fee does not include: 

  • the cost of any additional legal advice or representation from a barrister or the legal costs for judicial review as required 

  • the cost of any interpreting or signing services required 

  • the cost of any SEN expert to attend the Review when requested by an appellant 

  • the cost of hiring an external venue if a Civic Offices room is unavailable 

  • any other costs that arise due to exceptional circumstances or requirements.  

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

This service will be delivered from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. 


Contact Point

Rita Glen-Gallo, Committee Officer
Telephone:  01793 463611



There is a charge for each review.

There will be an administrative charge for any review that is cancelled, subsequent to the case papers being issued but prior to the actual hearing.

There will be a further administrative charge if an appeal is adjourned in circumstances where further actions or information is required from the school or appellant.