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Data Intelligence Service

What do we offer?

The Data Intelligence Service holds a comprehensive data set on Swindon pupils and Swindon demographics.

From this, the service can provide valuable analyses to both LA maintained schools and academies including:

• School performance reports, to compare the achievements of your school cohort to National and/or Swindon cohort

• Emerging national (NCER) estimates of key measures much earlier than as released by DfE/ASP, including Key Stage 1-2 Progress estimates

• School deprivation/demographic profiles based on latest 2019 Mosaic data



Why choose us? 

We are a team of Performance Analysts with expertise in Education data analysis including performance reports and statutory returns.
Team members already work with schools as part of the core offer and support the work of the School Improvement team.  We are experienced in providing data for schools and have good working relationships in place.

We are uniquely positioned to provide rich data analysis for your school with early LA and national estimates, much more quickly than the DfE. This allows your school to drill down into data, analyse outcomes, evaluate the effectiveness of your School improvement plan and plan ahead for the new academic year.

School feedback: ‘I am very satisfied with the information given in the Swindon School Profile. It gives valuable information on comparative data long before the provisional DfE data is produced’.




What is provided free?

The core offer is free to all LA maintained schools and academies and consists of the following:

• assistance with school census and teacher assessment returns to the DfE

• assistance with missing/lost data

School feedback: ‘I am very satisfied with the information given in the Swindon School Profile. It gives valuable information on comparative data long before the unvalidated RaiseOnline is produced’.



What is chargeable?

The Data Intelligence Service is provided in addition to the core offer and there is a charge for each individual analysis (with school performance reports charged according to which KS assessments the school covers):

  • Geodemographic Profiling

  • School performance reporting (Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Phonics, Key Stage 2)

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

The service follows the academic year. Schools can opt in to either product at the start of the year or at the point of analysis. These products are: 

• Geodemographic Profile. Deprivation analysis at school level including colour-coded maps.  This analysis uses school census data and lifestyle information (most recent MOSAIC and IDACI data)

• Swindon School Reports

o New this year, Insight feature to view and interact with attainment headline indicators to see how your school compares to the national or how your performance this year compares to last year and indicators to highlight the schools areas for strengths and development
o Real time data with headline attainment levels for any key stages relevant to your school and School infographics on a page
o Early data and LA/national estimates weeks before DfE release
o Key Stage 1 and 2 analyses at school, LA and National level. Including trend analysis, and breakdown by gender and pupil characteristics (Inc. disadvantaged pupils), plus Progress analysis for KS2
o EY Foundation Stage Profile analysis at school, LA and National level. Includes analysis by Area of Learning, individual Early Learning Goals, the Good Level of Development indicator, breakdowns by pupil characteristics and pupils exceeding expected level within ELGs
o Interactive reporting to drill down and evaluate specific pupil group so Interactive reporting to drill down and evaluate specific pupil groups
o Communications from the Data Intelligence Service about making the most of your data reports

School Reports will be delivered using Perspective Lite. We have listened to your feedback and would be providing guidance and support in using the Perspective Lite services more effectively. Schools can use Perspective Lite to access other features including Ofsted inspector Profiles, Census Data Infographics, 5 minute lesson plan and more. Support for users is also offered by the Perspective Lite software provider.


Contact Point

Martin Bell, Intelligence Lead 
Analysis & Performance Improvement
Telephone:   07824 081201