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Artemis elearning

What do we offer? 

Artemis eLearning is the delivery of online training via an e-learning platform and a comprehensive training record to track your staff’s learning. Artemis is a not for profit partnership between Swindon Borough Council, Stoke City Council, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council along with other partners and was established approximately 8 years ago.

Artemis contains a suite of foundation level eLearning that covers current issues which are essential learning for those in the children’s workforce. Content is written by subject matter experts from within authorities who are assisted by outside agencies such as the police and Barnardos, and reviewed a minimum of four times per annum.

The system is easy to navigate and produced in a way that is easily accessible to all colleagues with its innovative approach to learning. It has been successfully implemented in various Local Authorities, private and voluntary organisations across the UK.

All courses can be accessed at your convenience and last for between 45 and 90 minutes each (except Children’s Workforce Induction Programme). You may stop at any time and then pick up later from where you ceased working.

Additional modules are added as they are developed with stringent testing prior to release. 

Our current modules are: 

  • Asbestos Awareness

  • CSE Awareness Bitesize session

  • Child Protection Level 1 (endorsed by Swindon LSCB)

  • Child Sexual Exploitation (endorsed by the SBC CSE lead)

  • Children’s Workforce Induction Programme (8 hours of eLearning in the form of “mini” modules)  

  • Dementia Awareness

  • Domestic Violence, Forced Marriage and FGM

  • Emotional Wellbeing & Risky Behaviours

  • Fire Safety Awareness (endorsed by ROSPA)

  • Information Sharing

  • Promoting Participation – supporting young people’s learning journeys

  • Safer Recruitment

  • Understanding Child Attachment

  • Working with Children and Young People with Disabilities

  • Working with Families: A Framework for Good Practice

  • Working with Parents

A Certificate will be emailed on completing course evaluation. Summary documents and reference materials are available when appropriate. 

Why choose us?

We offer a comprehensive and cost effective suit of learning that is ideal for schools. It can be accessed as and when required and ensures that your staff have not only an informative base of knowledge, but also have access to it in an innovative way. 

What is provided free?

This is a wholly traded service - there is no free element.

What is chargeable?

There is a charge for all services offered, for all schools and academies. 

How the service can be provided/length of agreement 

This service will be delivered between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020. 


Contact point

Helena Taylor-Knox, OD and LD Lead
Human Resources and Organisational Development
Telephone:      07342 024155