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Swindon Manager Training

What do we offer?

Effective management is critical to delivering high quality services in any organisation. The Swindon Manager development programme covers the key competencies required by all managers.  This training is suitable for all school leadership and business management staff. The programmes starts with an overview of the fundamental principles and skills required by managers in the ‘Introduction to Swindon Manager’ session (1.5 days). 

Key competencies are then explored in more depth within optional additional modules covering a wide range of topics, such as:

- Personal Effectiveness  (1 day)

- Recruitment and Selection  (1 day)

- Coaching for Managers  (1 day)

- Managing Activities – Business planning and risk  (0.5 days)

- Presentation Skills  (1 day)

- Effective Absence Management  (1 day)

Further modules are in development and will be made available in due course.

Alongside management development training courses, we offer professional coaching on a one-to-one basis with our pool of qualified coaches. 

Customer feedback: "Fab course, presented really well”




Why choose us?

Our trainers and coaches are experienced and passionate about promoting continuing development.  All training or coaching is evidence based and every session is evaluated to ensure that we maintain high quality delivery.

Positive feedback has been received about our recent courses.

Customer feedback: “Trainer was clearly very confident and competent in the subject manner and supported the learning needs of the group well - Thanks!”


What is provided free?

This is a wholly traded service - there is no free element.

What is chargeable?

There is a charge for all services offered, for all schools and academies.

Customer feedback: “One of the best courses I’ve been to in a long time”   




How the service can be provided / length of agreement

This service can be delivered on an ad hoc “pay as you go” basis, through selecting modules to attend.  Alternatively for larger groups, we can deliver a course or programme on-site, enabling us to tailor the content specifically to your team’s needs.

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Contact Point

Name:  Learning and Organisational Development Team
Telephone: 07976 792573 / 07976 792582