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Enterprise Works

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What do we offer?

Enterprise Works operates a very large timber and fencing operation from Gipsy Lane, selling large volumes of material to tradesmen, local businesses and residents of Swindon from the retail and trade site.

garden bench


We also have a timber workshop in which we make many of the products we sell including fencing, gates, sheds, outdoor furniture and wildlife products.

In addition to our standard range of products and services, we are also capable of making bespoke products through the skills and experience of our craftsmen. So if you are after something that's not readily available, or you would rather an item be built to our usual high quality, then please enquire to see if the item that you are after can be made at Enterprise Works. 

We also operate EW Signs who design, print, and manufacture a variety of products including marketing materials, graphics and signs and work with a range of public sector establishments.

print designs


Our assembly unit at Enterprise Works regularly sort, collate, produce and assemble marketing materials and mail shots for a variety of local businesses and some rather well known brands.  Processing cardboard and packaging materials, scoring, folding, cutting, splitting, gluing, labelling and assembly are all regular tasks that we undertake here for a number of different clients.  We operate in a clean and controlled environment which offers you the confidence in our handling of fragile or valuable products, or data sensitive documents. 

A new Community Meals operation has now been established at Enterprise Works which provides a daily service delivering cooked meals to residents in Swindon who are unable to prepare meals for themselves and would also benefit from regular direct contact with a friendly face.  We have now extended this service to include daily deliveries to some local groups and organisations which could be of interest to some schools and colleges with limited capability for providing a catering service to their students on site.

You can find out more information about our services here:

Why choose us?

Enterprise Works has been operating in Swindon now for over 50 years providing supported employment specifically for adults with disability, both physical and learning, or long term health conditions which have proven to be a barrier to them entering the mainstream employment market. 



We recruit trainee staff from the local area and provide them with the relevant training, experience and support so that they can develop and demonstrate the skills and potential they have which will help them to lead independent successful lives and careers.

Therefore if you would like to support this important local enterprise, and require a product or service for the right price and
quality, then please enquire to see if the Enterprise Works team can support you.

What is provided free?

This is a wholly traded service - there is no free element.

What is chargeable?

All services provided are chargeable - please contact us to find out more.

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

The service will be arranged individually with each customer and a free quotation will be provided on application.


Contact point

General Enquiries
Telephone: 01793 464646

Ashley Mercer
Fencing and Timber
Telephone: 01793 464771

Angus Fulling
Signs and Display
Telephone: 01793 686324

Kenny Meacham
Assembly and Packaging
Telephone: 01793 464732