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Free School Meals Administration

What do we offer?

The administration of Free School Meals (FSM) for all Swindon Schools is overseen by the School Admissions Team, and is currently administered by Business Support Unit at the Civic Annex. We offer a complete solution for the assessment and processing of applications for Free School Meals.

This involves providing all the relevant forms for parents and support and advice on eligibility, processing and administering all applications forms received and checking eligibility against the legal requirements, sending parents all relevant letters and informing schools of the number of children entitled, including to continue to check eligibility of children at all schools on a monthly basis. The service offers the following:

  • parents can apply on-line, or by hard copy form

  • on-line applications can be made at any time using the Swindon Borough Council website 

  • all eligible applications are immediately transferred to our central Free School Meals Database. Schools are normally informed every Friday of successful applications 

  • weekly lists are sent to all schools detailing students entitled to Free School Meals 

  • on-going eligibility is checked automatically throughout the year using our Eligibility Checking Service. Any parent that is no longer entitled is written to and given a 2 week window in which to submit evidence 

  • access to the Free School Meals administrative service for advice and guidance 

  • provide statistical information on the number of forms received / processed to the school on a regular basis.

The Team will provide advice that is compliant with legislation and will keep abreast of all new information in relation to FSM eligibility. 

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Why choose us?

The School Admissions Team and the Business Support Unit have extensive knowledge and experience of all FSM eligibility issues and are abreast of new information/legislation.

They are well experienced at providing excellent customer service to both parents and schools. The client can expect the highest level of service from the Business Support Unit and you can expect a quick and courteous response to your enquiries.

What is provided free?

This service will continue to be provided free of charge to LA maintained schools.  

What is chargeable? 

There is a charge for this service, for all academy schools.  

How the service can be provided/length of agreement

This service will be delivered from 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021


Contact Point

Emily Heaton, School Admissions Manager
Telephone: 01793 465769

Alison Collett, Operational Admissions Manager
Telephone: 07970 940640



To simplify charging the same charge per FSM pupil will apply regardless of the time or complexity of work involved. The charge will be levied on 1 September each year to tie in with the Academy funding period and would be based on the number of FSM pupils on roll the previous October. No in year charges would be levied for new applications and prices would be fixed for the year.